What are the characteristics of OSB?

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What are the characteristics of OSB?

Release time:2021-01-24 15:43

What are the characteristics of OSB? OSB European pine board began to be used in daily furniture production, its use characteristics is also very prominent, but a lot of people for OSB European pine board is what and its use characteristics is not very understand, the following billion forest industry will take you to in-depth understanding.


OSB the using characteristics of matsuzaka, the first is SB "good good stability with screw force" the pine board "of the main raw material for soft and hard wood timber, fast-growing thinning materials, such as eucalyptus, cedar, cypress thinning wood, etc., through the special equipment for processing into long flaking, after deoiling, drying, sizing, directional paving, hot-press molding process a directional structure made of sheet, material is very good, so have more long service life.

OSB European pine board has what to use a characteristic, still have it is European pine board does not deform, this point is very important, also be the personal experience of the expert, get a lot of carpentry at the same time approbate. All furniture of expert bedroom is to use 15mm OSB to do, especially a bookshelf, bearing is huge, below is suspensive, come more than a year, without the slightest deformation.

Good stability of OSB and high grip screw force, high hardness and strength of OSB. During processing, it can be felt with or without the blade, and its good nail-holding force makes it easier to process, which makes it more convenient to process and less prone to damage and other phenomena.

There is OSB europine board has excellent environmental protection performance, manufacturers in the production of the production of the glue is no formaldehyde adhesive, which makes its environmental protection performance greatly enhanced, at the same time the formaldehyde emission of europine board itself is very low, so its formaldehyde emission is basically zero, very environmental protection.

So OSB OSB board is very much the use of characteristics, can be widely used in furniture production and other different fields, you can be completely assured that the use, you have to use the board when the reasonable use and protection.

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