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Performance of flame retardant OSB board

Release time:2019-02-23 13:58

What is the performance of the flame retardant OSB board? Flame retardant OSB board manufacturers in the production of production will be fine processing and production, so that it has good performance, but we know when you buy it has the performance of flame retardant, so its other performance is what, the following xiaobian will take you to briefly understand.


Collection point is the flame retardant performance of flame retardant OSB board, the main feature of this kind of board products is good flame retardant, using it to make furniture can play other board can not match the safety performance, use in the home for the occurrence of fire prevention plays a very important role.

Flame retardant OSB board performance, and its environmental performance is also very good, environmental performance mainly depends on the amount of formaldehyde release of the board, its formaldehyde release is less than 8.0mg/100g, lower than the national standard E1 level 9.0mg/100g provisions, in the indoor use of the human body is not any impact, you can rest assured to use.

Flame retardant little hygroscopicity of OSB board, so it has good structural strength, we all know that the wooden plank will have more or less water absorption performance, if too much water then it will be easy for use in deformation phenomenon, flame retardant OSB board in damp environment will not produce a lot of suction phenomenon, so can keep a good structural strength.

The use of flame retardant OSB board, there is a good grip screw force, not corrosion of metal links, we all know in the furniture production into the wood nail is a must work, its grip is very strong, and not easy to produce splitting phenomenon, so it is very easy to process.

So the use of flame retardant OSB board performance compared with other boards is more advantageous, with a longer service life, shandong dishi board industry specializing in the production of a variety of high quality flame retardant OSB board, the product price is affordable, available for a large number of wholesale, welcome to consult and choose.

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