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Use of OSB board

Release time:2019-02-23 13:55

What are the USES of OSB? OSB OSB board in daily life has been a very wide range of applications, but many people still do not understand it, so what are its USES, the following shandong emperor lion board industry will take you to understand how it is used in life.


OSB is currently the most rapidly developed board in the world. It has been widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, packaging and other fields in North America, Europe, Japan and other developed countries. It is the upgrading product of joinery board and plywood. The OSB that the market already imports at present is European pine board is given priority to, formaldehyde of finished product releases a quantity to be 0 almost, can compare with natural lumber European pine board, can be used at room of wooden structure, adornment to decorate, furniture, floor, wooden door, pack, car. And millennium boat ou song board stability is good, nail-holding force is high, high strength, non-deformation, moisture-proof, easy to process.

OSB European pine board can say is the material with current big heat, in a few household designs, can make it cabinet, door plank, it is the configuration such as sofa even. Natural timber colour and lustre, do not need to add additional color, can reflect a sense of nature.

The bending strength value of OSB is even better, with excellent plasticity and processability, which can be made into any shape. OSB OSB board has many designs and styles, which can meet the personalized needs of consumers, which makes it more suitable for the use of different people's needs, can adapt to more occasions.

OSB OSB has good comparability in both environmental and physical properties. Compared with Australian pine board, it is closer to joinery board. In the field of steel-framed buildings, also known as "Canadian" buildings, the use of OSB is irreplaceable.

OSB is widely used in many fields and plays an irreplaceable role. Its main application field is furniture production. However, with the continuous improvement of the production quality of manufacturers, OSB is applied in more fields and plays an increasingly important role.

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